IQM project

The IQM Destination Project (Integrated quality management) is a symbol for an integrated quality management of a certain destination.

The project aims to:

The project consists of several phases of implementation:

– Informing about responsible tourism and sustainable development

– Measuring first indicators; how satisfied the locals are with tourism in the destination; measuring the online reputation; measuring the satisfaction of stakeholders (professionals in tourism) with the tourism in the destination; measurements and plans that the local authorities have for projects important for the destination

– Involving stakeholders in the destination (private accommodation owners, hotels, catering facilities (bars and restaurants), wellness centres, campsites, tourist agencies, shops and souvenir shops, taxis, car parking services, utility companies, attractions in the destination)

– The standards are set in the destination, involving local products, tradition, quality, and tourism trends

– If the destination wishes so, it is possible to set a standard according to the world sustainable development standards; Biosphere – it is also possible to certify an individual stakeholder

– Sustainable and responsible tourism indicator is recommended for measuring (a member of the IQM Destination team is a part of the expert group UNWTO for sustainable development)

– Marketing analysis of individual stakeholders within a destination and a thorough analysis of the destination and detecting challenges

– Product development

– Educating in tourism for private accommodation owners

– Educating about the trends in the hotel industry

– Implementing the Welcome card – IQM Pass

– Making of the study of the destination integral management

– Scientific research to prove the efficiency of implementing the IQM Destination in the destination (contract with the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb)


On average, the project is carried out within a period of 3 to 5 years, including the education of employees to continue implementing the integral management of quality. 


To continually, through systematic and coordinated activities, improve the quality of life for locals residing in tourist destinations. To stimulate quality, synergy and excellence while bearing in mind the competitiveness of the destination through sustainable growth, development processes, local products and tradition, environment protection and responsible management of the tourist destination. Through our activities, we provide additional value through synergy of the integrated subjects.



Globally acclaimed company which with its knowledge, competency, intelligent solutions and system digitalization strengthens a tourist destination, makes it more competitive, more attractive to investors, empowers its economy and employment. It enhances the quality of a tourist destination, to advance but at the same time keep the authenticity of the destination, to stimulate integral management of the quality of services and the products, and to have both satisfied partners in tourism and the local residents as well.