Lika Destination

Lika Destination includes continental and coastal areas of three counties: Lika-Senj, Karlovac and Zadar county. The aim of the Lika Destination Cluster is to brand this area as a destination for protected zones and gastronomic destinations.

The specificity of this area is in a unique combination of mainland and sea. Almost 60% of the area is protected with Law on Protection of Nature. The Lika Destination offers a wide range of natural beauties such as the most famous national park in Europe, NP Plitvice lakes, with its cultural, historical and gastronomic features.

There is also a large number of adrenaline programs. In the area of cultural heritage, the most important is the birthplace of Nikola Tesla, Smiljan. Lika is also being promoted as a gastronomic destination because there are still numerous family farms in Lika, which are bred for the cattle and the culture of this region.


Cluster members are tourist agencies, tourist boards, institutions of protected natural areas and all tourism workers aiming for the tourist promotion of Lika destination.